Two-Stroke tiller


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Two-Stroke tiller

I have a two stroke ryobi tiller, it starts but wont run right. I need the high speed screw and low speed screw settings. NOT A RUlE OF THUMB ONE ive tried 1 1/2 turns out,,,i just need the exact turns out not an estimate please, i dont know the model number or anything its all worn away and i can find any others
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Not to seem rude, however you want someone to give you the exact setting for your carb when you don't bother to post the engine numbers, the carb manufacturer or any other info other than it's a 2-cycle ryobi tiller, well the "exact" settings and not "A RULE OF THUMB" are the same as all other 2-cycle ryobi tillers that are just like yours. Have a good one. Geo
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If it's a 2 stroke, I'd start with a carb kit with the diaghragms & the needle & stuff... Most of the small 2 strokes I see need a carb kit to start with.... Roger
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Sorry, there is no "exact turns". Your neighbor might have the exact same tiller built the same day, and have to set the carb a little different for optimal performance. Engines are like that, especially 2-strokes. If there was some magic number, there would be no need for "rule of thumb".
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It's a whole new day;
Something to try, with the engine runing at wide open throttle(WOT) adjust the high needle so the engine runs it's fastest then back it off until it just starts to sound like a 4-cycle(if you don't it will be too lean and burn up) then at idle adjust the low needle so the engine runs as fast and as smooth as possible then adjust the idle down using the throttle linkage screw. Have a good one. Geo

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