Change Tires on Push Lawn mower


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Change Tires on Push Lawn mower

I have a 12 year old Lawn-boy push mower medalion series, 6hp briges&straton engine.

The thing I can not figure out is how to replace the tires. The blade is simple (that just needs the right socket). But the tires seem a bit more complex. I've looked at the manual before (that's how I learned to keep the power wheels greesed, change the oil, etc). But I guess becuase this isn't a regular maint issue, it doesn't seem to be covered.
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The tires shouldn't be too hard,, just a bolt with a nut on the inside, unless it's a self propelled unit... Post the model & seriel # of the unit & I'm sure someone will help you out,,, Roger
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Got the owner's manual with me now.

It's a Lawn-Boy Medallion Series Walk-behind Power Mower Model No. 10533 - 6900001 & Up.

(Hey, here's the reciept for it, paid $498 at Home Depot in 1997 for).

It IS a self-propelled model, front wheels are free-wheeling while the rear wheels are the self-propelled. The manual has more informaton regarding California Emissions than it does the tires... Actually, except for acknowledging the levers used to raise and lower the tires to set the cutting height, the manual doesn't even indicate the thing has tires.
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You can see a parts list at click on "homeowers parts", then type in modle number.

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