Toro self propelled


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Toro self propelled

Model 20058 SR4 Recycler Mower

What could cause the mower to not propel?

I wrote Toro and received an email how to adjust/tighten the cable. I followed the directions given, but still the mower will not propel.

Where else to look? I have gone on and downloaded all parts lists for this mower, but do not know what else to consider other than the cable.

Thanks for any suggestions. Hard to mow without the mower helping some.

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Does it make any noises when you try to engage the self propel?

Could also be the drive belt, perhaps it came off the drive pulley or broke. The drive cable may have broken or come off at the transmission and may not be engaging the drive. Then there is also the possibility of the drive gears not engaging the axle, but I think it would be unlikely for both wheels to quit at the same time.
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I had 2 in the shop last year. Both problems were the drive gear was stripped (broken tooth). This was caused by pulling the mower backwards without first pushing it forward with the propel handle released. The manual says you have to push it forward 1 rotation of the wheel to fully release the gears. Not the smartest thing they ever did.
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Thanks 30 and Indy for your suggestions.

No, no noise.

I may have been guilty of pulling the mower backwards at times though.

We did replace a belt not long ago.

I do appreciate the help. I will post back after we have another look inside.


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