Wizard lawn tractor


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Wizard lawn tractor

Great site! I looked for the answer & wasn't able to find one so here goes my question.....

I have a Wizard tractor that started just fine with a new battery after 2 years of not using it. But, when I put it in gear it won't move. Nothing, nada, nope...... The blades engage fine but she just doesn't want to move - forward, backward, nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - in total noobie terms please. This is my first endeavour into fixing a machine!!! Thanks in advance for your help......
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I'm not familliar with Wizard equipment.. However, check the drive belt to verify it's on & check to see if it tightens when the clutch is disengaged,,Verify it's properly routed around all the pulleys & belt fingers... Since it's been sitting for a couple of years, verify the brake isn't stuck on... Did you fix a flat tire, "Cus if so, the key in the axle/hub may have fallen out... Maybe give the pro's some model & serial numbers & some more detail what you did to get it going.. Good Luck,, Thanks.... Roger
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Wizard was made by MTD and usually sold at smaller non-affiliated hardware stores. Do you have a model number?
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Thanks guys - No tire fixing needed. Just a little air in one tire had to be added.

I'll look for the model number & get back with that. I found a manual so I'm going to take a look at that too and see if I can find anything in it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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"Wizard" was sold by Western Auto, and they are built by AYP (American Yard Products).

In the past they have been built by MTD, AYP, Murray, and Toro. I think Dynamark and Noma also built some back when they existed. I guess it could be anything, but the model # will tell. If it was built in the last decade or so, I'd say it is an AYP and you can get parts from any small engine shop.

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