Honda mower HRT216SDA won't pull backward


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Honda mower HRT216SDA won't pull backward

The mower runs great and transmision operates smoothly but when I try to pull it backwards the wheels lockup. It does this about 90 percent of the time.

It makes no difference it the engine is running or not running the wheels sill lockup.

Any help would appreciated.
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Your problem is numbers 3 & 4 in the photo are gummed up. You need to take it apart and clean it. Just need to use carb or brakleen. The spring and key way need to move freely to disengage the wheels. You need to do both wheels.
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Take a look near where the clutch cable attaches to the transmission. There is a return spring that pulls the clutch back to disengage position, this spring may have come off or is broken and the clutch is not fully disengaging.

The drive gears at the wheels may need cleaning but if the gear is binding this will only cause the wheels to drag when you try pushing forward, as they are always supposed to engage the transmission when pulling backward, which causes all the internals in the transmission to rotate. If the clutch is not fully disengaging then the wheels will lock and not turn.
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Smile Honda HRT 216 won't go backwards

30 year tech is right. If the transmission isn't fully disengaged the rear wheels will lock up when pulling backwards. Make sure that when you release the clutch lever that you let it snap open. This works every time with my mower. (Hrt 216) Allowing the clutch to fully disengage. It's still labor to pull it back seeing how the transmission gears are turning backwards at this point. But there's no dragging: Messing up your lawn or your back.

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