Weedeater Adjustment?????


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Weedeater Adjustment?????

I bought a new Weedeater Featherlite last summer because I had pretty good luck with my first Weedeater. I have about 4 or 5 hours on it. I just used it today and it will only run when the choke is set on half choke. Even at half choke it doesn't run all that great but this is only way I've found to keep it running for any period of time. I have tried to adjust the idle screw but that didn't help at all.

Are there any other adjustments I can try? I'm not the handiest guy in the world so please keep it simple and as detailed as possible please. Thanks.
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You can tear down the carburetor and clean it or you can do what I do every year for the first run. Make sure your oil/gas mix is correct and the spark plug is new. Then put about two teaspoons of Sea Foam in a tank full of fuel and start running it. Mine always cleans up in about five minutes.

You can get the Sea Foam from most auto parts stores.

As your Weed Eater gets a little older it'll probably need a carb kit, but you shouldn't be there yet.

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