Problem cutting grass with A Snapper RER


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Problem cutting grass with A Snapper RER

An older lady has a fairly new Snapper 28" RER with a problem of while cutting her grass the mower's engine will occasionally load up and stop. She said that she can raise and lower the deck several times...and a large clump of grass will fall out from under the deck. After this happens, she can restart the engine and continue mowing. The mower has a "Ninja" blade on it. I recently sharpened the blade but she said the mower has always done like this. The grass isn't wet or damp and it isn't unusually tall. Has anyone run in to this problem?
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Just a wild guess, Older lady dropping the deck all the way running at 1/4 to 1/3 throttle ?

Ditch the ninja for a medium lift ran at full throttle, In my experience most older people just won't run a mower at full throttle as intended. You may want to check the belt tension as well.
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That was my first guess too...not running the engine at full throttle. The ninja usually works well in the cases I see it, but a gator blade might not clog as bad if she wants to mulch. It's half the price too .
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Thanks for the replys...I think I'll go and watch her cut the grass...and see if I might tell something.
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I was thinking the same thing, she is probably putt putting around on the mower at idle, because "It's too noisy to run it fast!" or "It uses less gas this way!"
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I had 2 customers this past winter withthe snowblower problem "It wont throw snow very far". They set the throttle at about 3/4. Said it ran too fast at full throttle. I told them these engines are made to run at full throttle and have to run that fast to thro snow.

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