Roof Mower won't run


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Question Roof Mower won't run

Tried starting my old Roof mower for the first time this year and it started on the first pull. After running for a couple minutes it died. Since that time, it will start but die after a couple minutes running and won't restart until it sets a while. There is gas getting to the carb, not sure if it could be the plug or not. Any suggestions appreciated.
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Post the engine manufacturer, model, etc and someone will get you going. Have a good one. Geo
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As was suggested on another thread...try loosening the gas cap, could be a clogged vent.
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its a 8hp briggs. not sure about model number, will have to check.
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Roof Mower Transmission Fluid

I have an old 10.5hp Roof brush mower that runs great, but is leaking transmission fluid. What kind should I use.

Can't find manuals, etc, for the mower (very old).
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Nicksteel welcome to the forums. Please start your own thread. Hijacking a thread is bad etiquette. Perhaps you could PM a mod to break you post off and start a new thread.
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Originally Posted by Piker5 View Post
its a 8hp briggs. not sure about model number, will have to check.
Did you tear off the carb and clean it out (good old gumout, and a welders tip cleaner through all the jets and ports)

because it sounds to me like you get enough gas to fill the float bowl,then after it starts it evacuates the available fuel in the float bowel and stalls and won't restart until until it trickles full again ....Check for a clogged inline fuel filter...rust in the fuel tank clogging the intank screen...stuff like that

PS and don't take this the wrong way....make sure the inline fuel valve is fully opened...if it dosent have one put one on...if you have the engine I think you do they are notorious for the float sticking open and leaking gas out of the carb , and if the piston happens to be down, hydraulic lock (cylinder fills with gas so you can't pull the cord, also will overflow the cylinder into the valves where it runs into the crankcase and mixes with the oil...not good )

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