Kawasaki 9HP starting problems


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Kawasaki 9HP starting problems

I have an old John Deere RX73 with a 9hp Kawaskaki motor. It's &#l(( to start but once it starts it keeps running. if stopped while hot it won't start until it's cooled off. I assume (but aren't sure) if it's low compression. The tech at the John Deere dealer said adjust the valves to .004 and .005 - but aren't sure which is intake and which is exhaust. I thought I['d give that a try if it's worth it. Is it? Can someone send me a link / info on how to do it? I assume there's an adjustment port but haven't taken the motor off to look.
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Set em both to .005 and as far as I know, this is a flathead engine. You'll have to remove the valves and carefully grind the stems a hair at a time until you obtain proper valve clearance between the lifter and valve stem with the engine at TDC on the compression stroke. The valve cover is a small plate on the side of the engine behind the carburetor. Measure the clearances there and if there is not sufficient clearance (I'm guessing there's ZERO clearance by your description and the fact that I've seen this on that engine before)...remove the head and you can then remove the valves. You'll have to compress the valve springs and remove the retainers, then the valve will slide right out.

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