Toro Personal pace traction cable or transmission


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Toro Personal pace traction cable or transmission

I replaced the traction cable and now the personal pace system is backwards. The transmission is in full speed with the handle back and zero speed when you push the handle down. I've looked at it from every aspect I can imagine and granted I'm not a rocket scientist but I'm not Forrest Gump either. The transmission is tilted backward to make contact with the belt, more tile equals better contact which equals more speed. but pushing the handle down counteracts pulling the deadman handle back and release the tension on the belt.
It worked before, it was a little slow but I thought that was from the cable only having a few strands left.
has anyone come across this before or have any suggestions?
Thanks for any help
here the info for the mower
Toro Recycler 22" personal pace model 20017 rear wheel drive,
Red w/white bag likes long walks thru the grass...
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The cable must be attached incorrectly at the handle is all I can think of. The cable should be attached to the traction lever located on the bottom left side of the handle. It's a little plastic lever hanging down from the bar control, this bar causes the lever to pull the cable when the handle is pushed down. Take a look at the lever and make sure it rotates towards the operator when the handle is pushed forward.

Best of Luck..
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Thanks tech!
I guess I'm closer to Forrest Gump than I thought, I had connected the traction cable to the brake bail.
After reading your post I connected the cable where it's supposed to and presto we have a self propeled mower. it was like magic! well engineering anyway
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Traction Cable Replacement Toro 20017

I need to replace the traction cable on my Toro 20017 and I do not know how to remove the cable. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!

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