Lawn mower battery


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Lawn mower battery

Hello all, I'm new here. I'm also pretty new to having to fix things around the house by myself.

I was going to mow the lawn for the first time this spring and when I turned the key nothing happened. I put my battery charger on it and still nothing happened. My charger may be bad though because my color-blind ex-boyfriend put the cables on backwards last year. Will that ruin it? Smoke came out..

Anyway, I borrowed a charger from a neighbor and it still isn't charging. Does this mean that I need a new battery? If so do I have to take the old one with me? Is Walmart an acceptable place to get a battery?

Help!! please..
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Welcome and you've come to the right place for advice. Yes, the battery will be cannot charge it in reverse polarity and have it be useful after that, not to mention the fire hazard! Where you purchase a battery is a matter of what the mower is and what type of battery you have. You need to supply us with some details as to what you have for a mower now and in the future for all your questions. Make and ID numbers of the mower as well as make and ID numbers of the engine. Mower numbers are typically found on a tag under the seat on riding mowers and on a tag toward the rear of the chassis on walk-behind mowers. Engine ID numbers are almost always found on the flywheel shroud but sometimes elsewhere. If you can't find them then let us know at least what make and type of machinery you are speaking of and we can then point you in the right direction.
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Ok, I am really stupid.. I thought that the needle on the charger should go up, but apparently if it is at zero it is charged. Anyway, I found the same battery as I had at Walmart. I put it in and absolutely nothing happens when I turn the key. My neighbor said he would come and look at it this afternoon.

I should really have a husband to take care of all of this stuff..
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There's a good chance the fuse is blown. It should be in a fuseholder near the end of the battery cable down at the solenoid.

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