8hp briggs and stratton governor problem


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8hp briggs and stratton governor problem

Can some one please tell me the proper way to adjust the governor. i know for sure that is what it is because under a load or no load it will not run quiet right. If i manually move the governor linkage it smooths right out. I have tried adjusting the carb and no good. I put in new points and coil and plug. I don't want to mess with this without knowing how to properly adjust it. my engine is model 190400 8HP. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks-- Sean
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well first off you will need a tachometer, the governor keeps the engine at the desired set speed without reving to the limit of blowing up, and might i add it is very touchy, i would recomend taking it to the shop for this repair
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The governor never needs "adjusting" over the life of the engine unless components have been replaced. It has a setting though, and if it has been tampered with, it is easy to set back. There is no need for any tachometer.

Set the throttle to full speed, loosen the governor arm clamp, turn the governor shaft clockwise as far as it will go and tighten the clamp bolt without moving the position of the arm. This is where the governor should be set. If it does not run properly like this, there is another problem.

My guess is that yours is surging, stalling, then you see the governor arm move and open the throttle, it revs, then stalls and continues the cycle. If so, the governor is working properly...it is compensating for another problem.

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