Toro self propel question


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Toro self propel question

May be naive question -- but replaced a broken cable for the 20018 personal pace toro mower. This cable gives the power to wheels. Since replacing, mower seems harder to operate than before cable broke. Will self propel if handle is pulled back firmly, presumably this is how suppose to be done. But self propelled part seemed to work easier before cable broke and was replaced. Is there any adjustment for the self propel operation? Thanks!
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Sounds like you have something hooked up wrong. The mower should self propel when you push the handle, not pull it.
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OK -- now see correct hookup now, was attaching to front rather than back -- thanks again.
One other question -- mower purchased in 2003 -- does blade need to be replaced or sharpened and if so how often?
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Ouch! 6 years without a sharpening? The blade should normally be sharpened before the cutting season begins, and possibly again 1/2 way through if you have a lot of mowing or often cut when wet/damp.

Most people buy an extra blade and keep a sharp one ready.

A dealer back where I used to live would sharpen your old one for free if you brought it in when you bought a new one.

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