What exhaust and muffler am I going to use?


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What exhaust and muffler am I going to use?

I'm replacing the 18.5 HP I/C single cylinder in a Craftsman mower with an 18.5 HP Vanguard V Twin. The Vanguard came out of a Husqvarna and came with no exhaust or muffler. How am I going to figure out what to get for this thing? Should I look for a similar Sears mower with a Vanguard engine and buy an exhaust from Sears or try to have one made? The old engine was run without an air filter apparently and the bearings are about shot or so I've been told.
I have the Vanguard in and I'm doing the wiring now.
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The exhaust system was likely installed by the tractor manufacturer. If the tractor is new enough, Sears may have a similar unit with the twin so you could use the exhaust system designed for that model. Be warned though, it won't be cheap. Otherwise purchase a suitable muffler and be prepared to do some fabricating.
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Sears did make some tractor models with the vanguard engine, so you might do a search on craftsman mowers with vanguards and find a model# to use so you can look up a muffler at sears' website.
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In the UK at least you can buy mufflers from the official online briggs and stratton parts store.
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I just could not talk myself into spending the kind of money they wanted for a lawnmower muffler and exhaust. Come on, $100 for a 10" muffler? $80 for an exhaust manifold made with 1" pipe? Nope, couldn't do it. I found a lawnmower graveyard, dug around and made my own out of a couple of tractors. I have to admit, it is one fine looking muffler, even if I do say so myself.
Do you think having it chromed is going a bit over the top?
A home made exhaust system is a thing of beauty.
I finally got the Vangaurd Twin running and with the exception of two wires I don't know what to do with, it's done. I cut some grass with it last night and there is quite a bit of difference between the single 18.5 HP and the twin 18.5 HP.
I'm going to have to pull up a wiring diagram somewhere and figure out what to do with the black and yellow wire. I think the black wire from the engine is the kill wire or at least, when I touch it to the frame, the engine dies immediately. Now when I turn the key off the engine runs for 20 seconds or so and then dies.
The yellow wire from the engine goes to the oil filter bracket. What am I supposed to do with that?
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My guess is the black is kill, and the yellow is a low oil sensor.

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