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Question RE: Losing RPM s

On my john deere 325 wth 18 H.P. in the winter with the snow blower on the RPM s stay at the MAX all the time.

In the spring and summer, the RPMs go to the MAX then after 10 or 20 minutes they automatically drop half way. Sometimes if you wait a minute or 2 the RPMs come back at the MAX. Most of the time when you lose the RPMs she will stay that way. Sometimes I go around the lawn doing about 1 MPH. filters, plugs, are maintained regularly. The lever is at the maximun level, just the RPMs drop.....

I am flabbergasted and do not know what to do.

Thanks, Broski............

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Which engine do you have? Single or twin?
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Should be a Kawi twin. I'd wonder if you have a mower deck bearing issue whereas it begins to seize when hot and drags the engine down with it.
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Or maybe you have one cylinder dropping out due to a bad plug, coil, etc... or possibly a broken throttle shaft? Does the engine ever over-rev as well?

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