Surging Intec engine


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Surging Intec engine

The 17.5 HP B&S Intec I/C engine on my 5-year old Murray 42inch lawn tractor is surging. When idling or driving with or without the blade engaged, it runs smoothly for a few seconds, then putters rougly, then idles normally, all in a regular cycle, and generally feels weak. I've changed the air and fuel filters, put in a new plug, added fresh fuel with stabilizer, and tried a "tune-up spray" in the air intake and spark plug hole. Any suggestions for what else I can do?


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Govourner or carbs my guess.
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Sounds like a fuel restriction somewhere, add some SeaFoam or Cheveron Techron to your fuel, add twice what is recommended also try running with the fuel cap loose, it may not be venting properly. A little varnish buildup can cause a lot of headaches. Make sure your fuel is fresh, fresh from the pump not fresh from the can that has set in the shed all winter. Have a good one. Geo
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I suggest you remove the carb bowl and clean out the carb and all the orifices in it with spray carb cleaner.

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