storing my gas powered snow blower


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storing my gas powered snow blower

hey all,

I need to store my gas powered snow blower for the summer. should i just fill it and add fuel stabilizer? What's the best way?

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If you fill it and add stabilizer, run it long enough to insure that the mix is in the carb.
Personally, I always use stabilizer, run out the remaining fuel in the spring, drain the carb bowl - mine has a spring loaded drain button on the carb. I then pull and clean the plug, put a shot of oil in the cylinder, replace the plug, pull the starter just enough to get into the compression stroke, and store it. It's now 12 years old and still starts on the first or second pull each winter.
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If you use it where the snow, slop and slush may contain salt, wash it down to minimize and corrosion.
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Add Stabil and dry gas (isopropel) to the gas. My snowblower has a gas shut-off. Then I start it and let it run on fast for about 5 mintes, then idle it down for about 5 minutes. This way the Stabil gets into all internal "circuts" of the carb. The I shut-off the gas, crank it up to fast and let it run out of gas.
Then I take the gas hose off the shut-off, put a longer hose on it, stick it in my gas can and open the shut-off and drain the snowblower gas tank. Now I have gas to use in my lawnmower.

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