18hp Briggs Questions "Cheese Help Me"


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18hp Briggs Questions "Cheese Help Me"

I bought a 4 mowers that did not run and was hoping to get 2 running. I got 2 running and have been using them for the last couple of months and today out of the blue one of them started to "surge" at idle and high speed. I took the carb of and looked and didnt see anything out of the ordinary. So I blew it all out and put it back on an still the same. I would think its something fuel related but a point in the right direction would be great. My next problem is that on number 3 mower I got it runnning but it wont run without the choke on and when running it idles extremely high. Im thinking carb issue again but maybe something with the govenor. I havent really messed with it too much but since Im posting about my other mowers I figured Id ask. Thanks

Both mowers have Briggs and Stratton 18hp 422707 engines
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Both sound like dirty carbs. Need to be taken apart and soaked in carb cleaner. Gunk has a 1 gallon bucket with a dipping basket. This works great and is at almost all auto parts stores. Runs around $35/gallon.
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I think Indy has the answer.. Make sure after you soak it, to spray everything out with a spray type cleaner & again with compressed air.. Install a rebuild kit & a new float (just for good measure) & you should be good to go ....Roger
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I agree, you have carb problems on both. Before taking them off and doing the bath, try this: Take the top off the carb and clean the bowl well. Remove the drain pug on the side of the carb... will be either a 5/8" or 3/4" plug. Look into the hole the plug came out of. The main jet is up through that hole. Some are removed with a flathead, some are removed with a 3/16" allen wrench. Take the main jet out and clean/open the hole in it fully, making sure there is no buildup in it. Clean the area in the carb behind where the main jet screws in, the reassemble it. Some of these carbs have no air-fuel mixture screws, and some do. If yours has one, it will be near the base of the carb at the front of it. You may have to back it out a 1/2 turn or so if it still surges.
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Thanks Guys I did have to soak one but was able to just clean the other.

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