Fuel Filter Shows Fuel - Then Shows Dry


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Fuel Filter Shows Fuel - Then Shows Dry

We have a Craftman Lawn Tractor (18.0 HP, 42" Mower") model 917272481.

The lawn tractor runs fine when showing fuel in the gas filter. For some reason the gas filter shows that it is empty at times and of course the lawn tractor shuts off like it's out of gas. Sometimes before it cuts off the fuel filter fills with fuel and it runs fine until the filter empties again. During these times the gas tank is full. I've unhooked the gas line to check for clogs and the gas flows free. I'm trying to figure out what will cause this. Is it a Carburetor, fuel pump or something simpler before I go out and purchase a new fuel pump & carburetor. Any suggestions on what I should try? Dollars is a a premium these days.
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Loosen the fuel cap,and run the mower see if this helps.Could be a bad cap causing a vacuum,stopping the fuel flow.Hopes this helps.

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The cap is a real possibility. If that does not help, check for places where the line connects that could be allowing air to enter. Is this with a Kohler engine? If so, try switching to a fuel filter made for a briggs and stratton engine. I don't know why, but I have seen a lot of posts here with the same problem on kohler engines and switching the paper type filter for a screen type like on briggs engines always seems to fix the problem.

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