1998ish Bolens starter problems


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1998ish Bolens starter problems

the starter on my lawn mower want engage the fly wheel. When you hit the switch it just spins it doesn't try to rise and engage. I would rather fix it than spend the $130 to get a new starter can anyone help. The starter gear is in excellent condition.
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Please post the engine numbers.
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A little spray lube on the starter drive may help,, or replacing the starter drive..or ring gear in some applications,, As Indy asks, Post some engine numbers so the pro's know what you have,,, Briggs, Techumseh,, single cylinder or twin.. Maybe even a kohler,, Let us know what you have & what, if anything you have done to fix it,,,, have you checked the teeth on the ring gear &/or the starter drive??..Sometimes they get stripped if on a Briggs... Need more engine info, 'tho..... Roger
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First make sure the battery is not connected backwards. This will cause the starter to spin in reverse and send the gear down instead of up. If the battery is right, clean the white helix part of the bendix. I don't recommend using lube on it though, because it gathers dust and tends to cause problems later. Clean and dry is best for the starter drive.

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