The failed resurrection of a Briggs


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Exclamation The failed resurrection of a Briggs

My mother has a Briggs & Stratton 110602-0131-e1 that she just stopped using about 2 years ago. Because the starter rope was not returning. She got a new cheap mower and it has lasted two years but it is on its last legs too. So I took the Briggs home and I fix the rope problem I think. Now there is a new problem gas is flowing out and into the air filter. Any ideas as to why before I try to take the Carburetor apart. I don't know if its related or not but I did have to replace the primer bubble, it had a hole in it. Any help would be great. Because we can't afford a new mower
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The problem of gas flowing out is cause by not being used for 2 years. The gas that was in the carb has turned to varnish and gummed up the float needle and probaly made the float heavy, now covered in varnsh, so it no longer floats, thus keeping the needle open allowing gas to overflow in the carb.
You will need to soak the carb in a carb cleaning solution (Gunk has a 1 gallon w. dipping basket for about $35) and buy a new needle & seat an bowl gasket (abouot $12). Make sure that you remove & soak the main jet and blow out all parts with compressed air.
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The problem is most likely varnish from setting 2 years with gas in the carb and the inlet needle/float assembly is stuck open, you will need to remove the carb and clean it. Have a good one. Geo

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