Un-removable wheel for Sears Riding Mower


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Un-removable wheel for Sears Riding Mower

I have a Sears riding mower, the model not important, but it has a flat tire on one of the drive wheels, and I have had no luck in removing the wheel. The serviceman at a local dealership and repair shop has told me not to bother trying to get the wheel off as it has rusted on. Is this true. I have removed the C clamp, last year, but couldn't get the wheel off. However I had the tire inflated up and it stayed hard all last summer. However this year i tried the same thing and it didn't hold its air this time. There is no air escaping at the valve, so it comes down to this. Is it possible to put a tube in the tire without having to remove the wheel. The tire is collapsed on the rim so its movable on the rim.
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It's a struggle but you can install an inner tube with the wheel mounted on the the axle. You'll need to pull the outer tire bead off the rim to do it but it can be done. Swearing is a must...it helps!

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