Stihl BG 65 leaf blower


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Stihl BG 65 leaf blower

I have a Stihl BG 65 leafblower and the muffler gets red hot and glows after about 5 or ten minutes after started. Is this caused by a bad muffler or is it something else?? It's a two stroke. Thanks.

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An engine which is running way too lean will cause this problem. Richen up your fuel adjusting screw a bit.
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Agreed. If adjusting it a bit doesn't do it, you may need to clean and recondition the carb. Back the high speed screw (the one of two that is closest to the air filter) out a bit until the engine begins to flutter, turn it back in a little until it races, then back it out again a little until it's right at the point where it begins to flutter. This will keep it rich enough to not damage the engine. Running it like it is will ruin it in short order.

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