JD SX75 9HP Kawasaki fc290v-as02


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Angry JD SX75 9HP Kawasaki fc290v-as02

I recently purchased A John Deere SX-75 with a Kawasaki FV290v-as02. I was told that It would run for a few hours and then quit until it cooled down. He said he had rebuilt the carb and still had the same problem and he just gave up and let it sit.
When I got it home I cleaned the carb and got it running. I only let it run for a few minutes and then shut it down. I then cleaned the engine with water and degreaser. After that it would not start. I assumed that water had gotten into the engine.
The next day it started just fine and ran for a few minutes and died. Since then all it will do is backfire. I pulled the head and noticed there was allot of carbon on the intake side and valve. I cleaned the entire head and valves appeared to be sealing correctly. I also adjusted the rocker arms to .005.
After reading this thread I replaced the igniter and plug it ran for about 15 minutes. During that time it was running rough. However I did not attempted to adjust the carb. It still had some carbon in the engine that was burning out
(little sparks coming out of the muffler)
I have also checked the flywheel key, compression, and the spark plug appears blue and hot.
I am about out of Ideas can someone PLEASE Help?
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You say you replaced the igniter, Was the new one a Kawasaki OEM part ?

The sparks out of the muffler was most likely glowing rust from the inside because of it sitting.

Running for a short time then quiting could be a sign of the coil heating up and dropping spark, Have you checked to see if the plug is firing the second it shuts off ?

If you perform the above check and find no spark, The coil can be tested with a multimeter as below to remove any doubt whether it is/isn't.

Good Luck
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Yes I did and Thank You,

Like an IDIOT I did not tighten the flywheel down all they way and it broke the key.
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Don't be too hard on yourself, We all make mistakes here and there.

Glad you found the problem....
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Kawasaki RX75

Hi, I have recently acquired a John Deere RX75 with the 9hp Kawasaki engine. It runs great for a few minutes and then shuts down like I turned the key off and it will not start again until it cools off. The coil was replaced and is giving similar readings to your recommended ohms. Is there another wire that could be heating up and dropping the spark?

Thanks, Doug
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Did you replace the igniter?

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