primer bulb removal tool


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primer bulb removal tool

Is it recommended to use a primer bulb removal tool to snap out the locking ring and then the bulb comes out.

I have a Tecumseh engine on the lawnmower and I am not sure if I can remove the bulb w/o using a special tool.
there is not much room to work with, I would be concerned about damaging the existing bulb as I am transferring it over
to another lawnmower that needs one.

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I bought a set of picks off Snap-on many years ago, I use the second one down and go behind each of the little ears on the retainer clip while lightly pulling out on the bulb.

Of course I don't remove them for re-use but if they HAD to be they could, A new bulb and clip is only 5-6 bux.....

Good Luck
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picks worked on removing primer bulb

Thanks 31Ytech, I bought a cheap set of picks
at the hardware store and it made it easy to remove
the primer bulb rather than spending 20 to 30$ for a special removal tube.

I also took Cheese 's advice on adding a tablespoon of gas
to the spark plug hole and the lawnmower won't turn over now.

At least it stopped leaking gas, but it did run for a short time
when I cleaned the carburator before fixing the leak.

Now it tries to turn over , even with adding some starter fluid spray, it won't completely start up.

maybe changing the gas might help?
Thanks again,

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