Honda HRX217 TDA


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Honda HRX217 TDA

The owner reports having ran over a stump while mowing and believes the mower now has excessive vibration.
I started the mower with one pull and while it is not rattling wheels and nuts and bolts off, it does seem to have more vibration than I would expect.
The blades did have a good nick but nothing I would consider drastic. They do not appear to be bent.
The blade adapter also seems ok.
The crank runs out true to the deck at least as it does with the adapter alone and the blades installed it all seems to run out when measured from the deck.
The engine bolts are tight and no play.
The shutter operates fine and shows no cracks..belt and tranny also appear to be fine.
I found a recall on some HXA versions of the HRX217 but it did not state what the recall was for simply complaints of vibration. Also mentioned was that this mower has no shear key...?
Just trying to find out if there is more I should look at, or any known issues, before I send them to the nearest service over 60 miles away.

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No shear key...? Ok well it was early and I had not had but one cup of Jo....

I did go ahead and pull the shroud and flywheel nut and even slapped a puller on the flywheel since it has marks for a puller. Snugged it up and even gave it a couple of whacks and the flywheel is not volunteering to come off.
I can see the key and no signs of shearing however I am not sure if the keyway runs to the top of the shaft or not. The keyway is not visible but the engine starts runs and idles so well I would rather not force pulling the flywheel for no reason.
No other signs of marks or scores from the brake or coil, shavings or anything being disturbed....
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It's most likely the blade adapter. I have run across this several times on Honda Mowers. The adapter gets twisted slightly and will cause a vibration when the engine is running.

You can usually tell by checking the blade location underneath the mower deck. Remove the plug wire, and mark a reference point for one side of the blade under the deck at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00. Rotate the blade and check the alignment with the opposite side of the blade, if it lines up with all the reference marks then the adapter is alright. If not, then it's most likely bent.
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Thanks 30year for the reply.
When I first removed the blades it did look as though the adapter was twisted but with the double blade setup I thought perhaps it was intended.
With the blades on I did mark a point only one point but the blades ran out near perfect least by my eye.
I also ran it with the blades removed and the vibration was not much if any better.
It is over 2 years since purchase and is a home depot model.
I let her have it back since she didn't want to spend any more time on it and I don't think there is a safety hazard involved...
I have a feeling a support rib or the like in the solid molded plastic deck has given and may eventually reveal itself, unfortunately during its own destruction.

Thanks again for your time.

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