Kawasaki engine wont stay running


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Kawasaki engine wont stay running

This engine is on a John Deere mower Model 14SB. It has a Kawasaki engine. The engine numbers are Code FC150V-FS00 E/No FC150VE71510. The engine starts fine however dies after 20 seconds. Carb has been disassembled and cleaned several times -- same problem. Put on a different carb -- same thing. Attached external gas tank with separate hose -- same thing. Checked for spark after engine died - have spark. Is there someting I am missing here ?? Is there something peculiar about these Kawasaki engines ??
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When I rebuilt the carb on my sisters murray with a briggs engine/walbro carb, I could get it to run then after running for 10 min it would surge then only run for about 30 seconds like yours.

New fuel filters, pulled the bowl, blew out the inlet, same deal.

Now I did this to hers just to see what the deal was, if you do it it's on you but at least I know where the problem lies.

I used a pen cartridge to replace the fuel filter and wouldn't you know....runs perfect. She picked up a few cheapie filters and they clogged with the finest particles, switched to the good ones...bout $8 each, and it runs fine.

Sorry to get long-winded, but what you are describing mirrired my problem.

What happened is the little or no suction whatever draws the fuel into the carb, is sensitive to restrictive filters.

If it doesn't run with the filter out of the loop, i'm not sure what it could be.

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I have the same mower, same engine, mine ends in AS02 instead of FS00. Mine would start easy one time and not start the next, if I checked for spark holding on to a screwdriver in the plug socket I would get a jolt, but if I used a sparkplug or inline tester it showed nothing, however a few pulls on the rope later it would show spark. The problem is a failed/failing control unit, it works, it don't work, etc. It is the little square thing 2-3 inches to the right of the carb, has one lead on it, held on with one screw. The replacement Kawasaki part is about $60 however Stens and Rotary have a universal part Stens is about $20 and Rotary is about $14, I used the Stens part# 440-465 since it was available. Have a good one. Geo
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check the gas cap. vent hole may be clogged.
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Did you get the problem solved. since there doesn't seem to be a lot of info available for these engines if/when you find the solution I am sure the people on the forum would like to know for future reference. Have a good one. Geo

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