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Seating Tyre

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06-12-09, 01:45 PM   #1  
Seating Tyre


A little while ago you may remeber that I asked about the electrics on a Murray Ride On (10hp / 30"). I have since got It running, but now have a new question. On of the tyres is punctured, and has come off the wheel. How can I reattach the tyre?

A quick google suggested using a belt, or preferably a ratchet strap (like the ones used to tie stuff to trailers).

COuld someone give me a step by step guide please.

Thanks in advance.

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06-12-09, 04:35 PM   #2  
Do you have compressed air source? If not your likely fighting a loosing battle.
If so, try a 4x4 block and place the wheel on it so only the rim is supported. Use the strap around the tire to squeeze the inside bead outward. Push the outside of the tire down and twist slightly while the rim is supported with the block so that you seat the back bead of the tire on the rim.
Remove the valve stem valve might help also and apply compressed air to the valve stem while lifting and easily tugging the tire up to seal the other bead...it can become a wrestling match of sorts but that is what it takes.
If you have removed the valve stem then continue to air it up untill it is well seated then replace the stem while the air is still escaping.

Good Luck.

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06-12-09, 07:34 PM   #3  
If the tire is punctured, you'll have to fix it first... If it's a small hole, you could put a tube in it & than the bead will seat for you.. If you patch it,, BFHFixit's got you set to go...Roger

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06-12-09, 11:29 PM   #4  
1. I was just going to patch it, but if that doesn't work I will use a tube, sounds a bit easier.

2. I have a small air compressor for inflating tyres, so you mean that sort or a 'proper' compressor.


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06-13-09, 12:04 AM   #5  
You're going to need a compressor with a tank.

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God bless!

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06-14-09, 03:40 AM   #6  
In the end we took it over to our local tyre place, and they put a shot of air in it. Have just mown the grass, and cut walking tracks round the fields. Grass was so long in the field I could of done with a newer higher powered mower. Hey, one step at a time.

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