Can't pull pullcord to start chainsaw


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Can't pull pullcord to start chainsaw

It may be my fault. I used pure gas and I think I was supposed to use a gas/oil mix. Is it fixable?
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You think it may be the gas, if the cord is locked up and you can't pull it? I can't imagine the two things being at all related. I think you have to start unscrewing parts to see what got jammed, if that is what appears to be happening.

If, by chance, there is technology that can tell if gas does not have oil mixed in it - to be able to lock and unlock the cord, I'd sure like to hear of this, as that would be yet another learning experience (like the tiled shower pan) for me.

I could see something like this though if say the machine was low or out of oil or gas, or if some chain rotation safety switch was not engaged first.

I'm just tossing out ideas based on general mechanical knowledge.

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Remove the spark plug and see if it will pull. If not, leave the plug out and remove the side cover with recoil starter on it to access the flywheel and see if you can turn it either way by turning the flywheel.
If still no, look in the cylinder through the plug hole and you can also remove the muffler to inspect the piston and maybe the cylinder for signs of scoring...
Post back with your findings and someone can help you continue.
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If you ran it until it stopped with pure gas the chances of it running again are not very good. I hope that is not the case and it is something simple like a jammed pullrope. Have a good one. Geo
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May be something simple like the recoil. Had 1 in the shop in April that was jammed up in the recoil. Removed the recoil, could turn the engine by hand, could not pull the recoil rope. Customer had replace the rope earlier, used too much rope and the exsess wedged between the rope guide and the recoil housing.
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BFH nailed something though - that any good mechanic should have to first investigate -by removing the plug. Who knows if OP flooded gas through valve and caused hydrolock or ?. Very worth pulling plug first - then try cranking - whenever ANY engine is locked.
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I'm betting the raw gas locked up the engine. If so, removal of the muffler to inspect the cylinder and piston will reveal some of the extent of damage. It may not be worth repairing, depending on what you've got.

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