Ryobi 890r 4 cycle gas trimmer/brushcutter


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Ryobi 890r 4 cycle gas trimmer/brushcutter

Never had a problem before. Now it won't run (it starts and dies).

Per instructions: (Ryobi 890r 4-cycle gas trimmer/bushcutter)

Switch on
Trigger pulled for full throttle
Move choke to 'full choke' position
Press primer bulb several times slowly
Pull starter rope briskly (engine catches monentarily)
Move choke to the partial choke position

Here's the problem. As soon as I move the choke to the partial choke position, the engine races for a second and then dies. It appears to burn the little fuel that was left and stops.

When priming, fuel can be seen moving up through the intake tube and back out the return tube.

Any thoughts on what parts I should replace?


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How many times do you press the primer bulb and do you press it again after it fires when you are still trying to start it?

I have a 4-cycle Ryobi and when it's cold, I prime it about 3-4 times and that's all...even if it wont start.

Full choke pull the starter until it pops, then turn the choke about 1/2 then try it again. Try it in the idle position as well as full throttle.....honestly I don't use full throttle on the 4-strokes, just my older 2-stroke.

If you keep flooding the motor you are going to fuel foul the plug...I would have a few extra just to have on hand.

Once my 4-stroke trimmer fires I find a happy idle with the choke lever with the throttle in the idle position, once you do this a few times you will know right where to put it.

Make sure you have fresh gas and a fresh plug.......and don't mix oil with the gas
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Sounds to me like the carburetor needs to be cleaned out.

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