Small Engine Locked Up


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Small Engine Locked Up

Hey guys, have been learning from this forum for quite some time and now have a question so I just signed up today.

I have a 2001 55 gallon Fimco skid sprayer with a Tecumseh h30/h35/h40 engine, magneto is on the side not top. Exact model is escaping me now.

It is 9-10 years old. Had very little use, 15 hours or so. Was garaged until I stored it outdoors in 2004 under a tarp. The unit made it back into a garage in 2005, but was never used until I tried starting it this week. I want to say I had trouble with the engine turning over before I set it outside in '04. But I can't be certain.

The magneto is rusty colored, along with the electronic 'piece' it rotates past. The flywheel nut came off without any trouble with my wrench. The magneto is not rotating at all. The 'inside' of my magneto seems to have been a mouse house, as they chewed my wire up as well.

The roller pump side is rust free, I think it is the magneto and inner workings that are messed up.

I took spark plug off but don't know what to look for in there. The spark plug had some minimal rust on it's washer, but inside did not appear rusted in my opinion.

Do I apply 3 and 1 oil over night to the magneto shaft and try again tomorrow?

I am a small engine novice, but ready to do what I can.

Thanks for your help.
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Remove the pump from the crank first & try it just in case.. I'm thinking if any fluid was left in the pump it may be stuck... If you think the rust on the flywheel / ignition coil is holding it up, you can remove the coil & try it.. (I think this is what you refer to as the magneto & the electronic piece,, Right?? ) If it still doesent turn, you may be into exploratary surgury on the engine itself,,, Sorry... Roger

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