loose kill switch


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loose kill switch

Hi everyone, I have 12 month old Briggs & Stratton lawn mower, it's a 450 series 148 cc motor, i was having trouble starting it [ no spark] it turned out to be a loose kill switch at the end were it goes to the linkages that control the reving [ just near the carby ] it's not secure it slides away from its postion to be able to start the motor, I can't see how I can secure it, so it won't move away through the vibration of the motor when running.

Sorry I don't know much about mowers so I hope my explanation is good enough, I sure would appreciate any help.
thank you
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Did you check what brand lawnmower it is??? A lot of mowers have a 2 year or more warranty,,,, The engine is a briggs,, but the pros are going to need the engine model, type & code ## to help you... Does the kill wire not go to the blade brake,, or is it really connected th the throttle???? This is a walk behind unit, Right???? Roger
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Thanks Rodger for your reply, yes, its a Briggs & Stratton walk behind mower.
model 9T502
Type 2091 81
Code 080805 52
450 series
148 cc

I think it was a 2 year warrantry but can't find the dam receipt anywere unfortunatly, I have sorta tightened it up a bit and able to run it but don't know how long my fix will last.

The kill switch is attached to a throttle plate, when you adjust the throttle cord for starting and stopping the throttle plate above moves around on top of it, it was really loose before and had move away not enabling the contact for starting.
thanks very much for the help.

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