B&S 282H07 possible fuel problem


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Question B&S 282H07 possible fuel problem

Model 282H07
Type 0231-E1
Code 021213ZA

Sears 15.5HP riding lawnmower (917.272350). Has been running fine this spring, but now dies after about 15 minutes mowing. The last time I let it cool overnight, drained the fuel bowl, and it started up and ran about 15 minutes again then stuttered a few minutes and died. When it begins stuttering I can back off on the throttle and it runs fine for a bit, then starts stuttering again. I repeat this 2-3 times and finally nothing I do will keep it running. Sometimes I can restart sometimes not. When I can it doesn't run long.

I had trouble with this carb a year or so ago. Overnight it would let fuel pass through and fill my cylinder and oil reservoir. I tinkered with it a while and at the suggestion of a friend I just put a fuel cut-off valve in the fuel line and shut it off when through mowing. It ran fine for a year or so. I don't know if the current problem is related to this.

I have not replaced the fuel filter yet but that was to be my next step.

Any ideas what is going on?

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I think I would approach it systematically anyway. First when it dies check for spark = ground a good plug and watch for bright blue spark at the gap of the plug. Do this right when it dies and won't restart.

If you have the spark and you have a fuel shutoff solenoid, check to make sure it's working properly. Ground the casing and apply voltage to the terminal to make sure it's opening and closing properly. Sometimes those can get either plugged or the solenoid wears out to where they heat up and shut off the flow of fuel.

If you're OK on everything at this point, you either have a fuel delivery problem to the carb or the carb itself is a problem. When it dies, disconnect the fuel line to the carb and check for fuel in the float bowl. If no fuel and you have a gravity feed to the carb from the fuel tank, leave the inlet line off and lower to check for free flowing fuel from the tank. Let it run for about two quarts worth into a clean container. If that fails you need to look at the fuel filter, the venting of the fuel cap, or possibly a collapsed fuel line.

If you find you have fuel everywhere and spark, you probably have a leaking float valve (relating back to your original problem) and you need to invest in a new float and float valve. That probably would have been a good thing to have done when you had the problem with the leaking carb the first time.
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Gas cap vent could be clogged. Try running it with the gas cap loose. If that works, then buy a new gas cap. They are only about $5 or so.
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Sorry for the delay getting back to this. I finally got round to mowing again, and the mower finally acted up again. So I began with marbobj's checks. The spark plug and shut-off valve were operating fine. So I disconnected the fuel line below the filter and nothing. So I thought the filter was plugged. Then I thought of indypower1's suggestion and reached up and loosened the filler cap. Fuel began running out of the disconnected fuel line immediately. So I reassembled everything and went to mowing. When the engine began to stutter again I loosened the cap and the stuttering went away. So I removed the cap, blew it out and replaced it. It never stuttered again in about 1 hr of mowing. It pays to go about these things systematically

Thanks guys, now I have no excuse to not mow

Seriously, thanks for the adviceBeer 4U2

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