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Stihl 032 AV

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06-28-09, 07:51 PM   #1  
Stihl 042 AV

I recently bought a Stihl 042 AV. It was at a sale for 100.00 and I couldn't pass it up. The guy was honest and told me it will run for 5-10 seconds and shut off. It seems like it is starved for fuel. I'm not afraid to work on it I just need a direction to go in. Any help I can get will be greatly appriciated. I know it's an older (70's) saw but it is in nice shape and seems to be well taken care of.

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06-28-09, 10:59 PM   #2  
I suggest taking the muffler off and inspect the cylinder wall through the exhaust port and check the piston skirt as well to be sure the internals are in decent shape before spending any time on it.

If they look good, I would recondition the entire fuel system. It probably could use new fuel lines and amost certainly could use a rebuild kit in the carb. This will probably fix your running problem unless a crankcase seal is leaking.

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07-01-09, 11:14 AM   #3  
Stihl 042

I took the muffler off and didn't find any checking or scoring, I also took the spark arrester off and it looked clean. I took the fuel line out of the tank and found a small hole, I replaced it. Now it will run with the choke on, but as soon as you take it off of full choke it will run like the dickens for 5-10 seconds and die. I read in another thread that some of the passages may be clooged. Does anyone know where I can get a diagram of the carb, so I can take it apart and put it back together correctly. It's a Stihl 042 AV.

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07-01-09, 11:43 AM   #4  
You will need the kit, as cheese mentioned.... The little diaghragms get dried out with age & aren't flexable anymore... Find out what you have for a carb (zama, warlbro,etc) by looking @ it..(It'll be stamped on the body somewhere as will the model #) The manufactures have excellent service manuals on their websites.... Roger

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07-01-09, 02:36 PM   #5  
If the carb has Stihl stamped anywhere on it, regardless if its zama or walbro, you may still have to get the gaskets from a Stihl dealer or supplier.
Also from your description it sounds as though it may be an air leak. Carb mounting gasket, cylinder....etc. If you can make it run long enough try shooting some carb spray or even WD-40 in suspect areas.

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