TroyBuilt Generator leaks oil but i cant tell where exactly


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TroyBuilt Generator leaks oil but i cant tell where exactly

Its a 7500/`13,500 watt Portable Generator. About 7-8 years old. There is oil running down the center of the unit on the cylindrical object .. which i would assume is the generating part of the Unit. Over the course of about 5 hours run time, it looses about a quarter cupful of oil which i collect in a pan underneath on the floor.

Its hard to tell where its originating and im wondering if i can flip the unit upside down for closer inspection ? What is the most likely cause of the oil leak ? A gasket ? Are there any bolts to tighten up underneath ? Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated. Id like to fix this before it worsens. The Unit runs absolutely great and sounds healthy. Thanks much.
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I suspect the crankshaft seal may be leaking by your description, but you'll have to verify that for yourself. Flipping the unit upside down is no good. You can tip the engine a bit. Watch out that you don't tip it far enough to allow oil or gas to leak into the air filter housing.

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