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Lawnmower Help

I have a Scotts Push mower 3 in 1 mulcher, I only use the mulch. (I don't have model # or anything, I bought it refurbished, but the guy said it was about 5 yrs old)

The problem is with fuel I assume...I push the primer a couple times and pull the cord, fires right up runs for a second or two and then dies. I have to repeat this 5 times or so until it stays running. When it does stay running it seems to run sluggish I guess or at lower RPM's than it should or just weak.

I just go anywho and it will constantly try to choke itself off and sputter etc.

What would you suggest?

SHould I start with the vent cap? Trying to do whatever I can to not have to take the tank off etc.
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We really need to know the engine manufacturer, engine model, type code usually found on the metal engine shroud just above the spark plug or on a metal tag above the muffler. If it is a Tecumseh you do one thing if it is a Briggs you do something else, however it all has to do with the carb. Have a good one. Geo
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Regardless of the engine, it sounds like the carb needs a cleaning.

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