Weedeater Featherlight FL 25 Trimmer


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Question Weedeater Featherlight FL 25 Trimmer

I'm working on a Weedeater Featherlight string trimmer model number FL25. It will not run without the choke being fully closed. I've done the usual things - replaced the fuel lines and filter, cleaned the carburetor and replaced the diaphragm and gaskets. The wire mesh filter in the body of the carb appears clean. Nothing seems to have any effect. Any suggestions?
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Disconnect the line at the carb and check for fuel flow out of the tank/filter. If you have that, pull the carb off and check the pulse port coming out of the crankcase at the mating of the carb to the cylinder. Make sure it isn't capped off by your new gasket.
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A lot of these little trimmers have loose bolts ...Check the ones that hold the cylinder to the crankcase...( & any other you can find ).. I think there is only 2 bolts that hold the cylinder on & they're only a self tapping type of screw... Good Luck.... Roger
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Re Weedeater FL25

Thanks gentlemen for the very quick response. I'll check out all suggestions and see if I can get this thing working correctly. Several people have tried and now it's my turn. It's like working on a hard puzzle and one doesn't like to give up without finishing it. (Even if it doesn't make sense given the price of a new trimmer.)

Thanks for the help.
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Check the head gasket and see if it has blown.95% I found out if you rebuilt the carb. and still won't run the head gasket needs to be replaced.I make the head gasket out of gasket material,you can get at auto parts.Alot cheaper than buying a new head gasket.Hope this helps.


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