Craftsman Lt1000 Attachment Clutch Problem


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Craftsman Lt1000 Attachment Clutch Problem

Hello Thanks for Looking !!!!! i have a Craftsman Lt 1000 42" 21hp Lawn Tractor bought used in excellent condition about 3 or 4 months ago and replaced the Attachment/ mower blade clutch kit part #175067. What happen is the first cable has the spring on the end of the cable with a hook on end of the spring that goes to the pully to engage the blades. That hook was broken. I bought a new kit and replaced the parts from sears .... the same hook and spot had just broken... maybe have had five mows out of the lawn mower since replacing. So Im wondering what if anything could be causing that part on the spring to brake twice..... Of course I called sears hardware to sell what they would do to help me out since the part is still pretty new. I had no luck of course, because Im not a certified professional qualified to work on craftsman lawn tractors.... I don't think I need to be. The instructions came with the kit.. and I cant find a similar problem online anywhere. I have maintained the deck to the manuals specs.... Sears doesn't want to give me the part because Im not a licsensed professional is there statement. A licsensed guy will not put the clutch i buy on because he wants me to buy the same part from him because he charges a percentage more for the part plus his hourly rate. I just don't believe there is a big enough cause on my mower deck other than disengaging the clutch that is going to cause the hook on the spring to break like that and that I have to pay more for a service tech to do what I can do. I'm laid off and don't make enough money to pay other people to do what I can, or to keep buying bull**** parts made from Chinese steel. I know this is long so if anybody has any help on this matter about the clutch spring or If Imn wrong about the matter not being so simple please advice... I will be going to sears in person next and then contacting craftsman myself and would like a lot of info to back me up... and to fix the real problem if there is something that could be making the clutch spring fail prematurely. Thanks!!!! Dane

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I can't refer to a drawing without a model #, however,

One problem could be the pivot for the idler arm/pulley IE: blade clutch? is rusted, corroded or just plain gunked up and the spring is being stretched further than it should. Also your blade belts may not be engaging completely also wearing your belt. There is a bushing and a flat washer with a through bolt, remove clean and lube lightly with grease.

The spring attachment should be pretty straight forward...but I suppose it could be hooked wrong.

Not sure what clutch you are wanting to replace...again without a model #.
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This is usually caused by a belt that is too short. Are you using a generic belt, or a sears belt? This should take a 144200 belt or a 144959 belt.

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