tecumseh 3.8 mystery problem


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tecumseh 3.8 mystery problem

i recently baught a push mower of my boss;s kid with a 3.8. he fired it up and mowed the yard with it. i loaded her up and brought her home. a week later i fired it up, mowed 10 ft and it died, would start, and stall. had a friend work on it, cleaned the carb, changed plug, and it fired right up. idles smooth, but when you throttle it up, it stays at idle speed. put a new carb on it, same thing. now, you can put just a little pressure on the govorner, and it idles right up to speed. tried to adjust the screw, and idles high, shut it off, restart, and right back to the same problem. has idle, nothing more. anyone have any input on this problem??? any help would be greatly appriciated. thanks -tony
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It would help a lot if you posted some engine #'s & also let everyone know if it's a fixed speed engine or does it have a throttle on it?? Check the linkage to make sure it's not bent from catching the bottom of the cedar hedge (Altho this is more of a briggs problem) It may be as simple as adjusting the throttle cable (if it has one??) Post some numbers & the pros will get you up & going again in no time.... Roger
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i will have to get some #'s when i get out of work, put a new throttle cable on it. you can do what you want with the throttle, it doesnt change. i will try and have some #,s by this evening. -tony

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