Need tips for starter-generator rebuild


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Need tips for starter-generator rebuild

I'm new to - this is my first post. I'm considering trying to re-build a 60's vintage Delco-Remy starter/generator. It's off a Kohler K-241 single cylinder 10 hp engine, serial # 718421, spec# 46135A. The ID tag on the start/gen is pretty beat up, but I think it reads: model# 101988 (or 1101988) and serial# 3B26. It needs bearings and probably brushes. Does anybody have any advice, tricks, tips or special tools needed for this endeavor? Or am I crazy for even thinking about doing this?
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unless one of the more knowledgeable tractor folks

has a specialized source, i'd suggest contacting local starter/altenator repair shops

i used to mechanic at a auto dealership and we'd send all our starters & generators out to one "gasoline alley" type shop

surprised me how common a lot of the parts are - bearings are fairly easy to match up by size at a bearing shop but suspect the local startor shop will be able to take care of you

as an fyi, you'd be surprised how inexpensively a good shop can be - couple years ago, wife's subaru needed a bendix for the starter - she took it in to the stealership, and she sensed something was wrong when they quoted her $400 with the old starter as a core - so she called me - i told her get the hell out of there and go by allen auto on the boulevard. I called them, it'd been 10+ years since i'd spoken to them
she took it by, waited an hour, they had removed the starter, replaced bendix, and gave her a bill for $42
and this was for a japanese starter

and any starter shop will have a specialied tool to check the armature for shorts, while it's out of the starter
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I hope you have better luck in you're area than I have in mine,, I've tried to have several (many) Golf Cart starter/generators rebuilt by 3 seperate shops & I have always got burned,, If you're starter doesen't have the power to push the engine past T.D.C. on the compression stroke,,I suggest a new starter,,Something happens in the armature (or so I've been told) that makes them really lazy & the guys around here will sell you a new starter/generator cheaper than the parts to fix it properly... They'll take you're money for the first fix tho.... Check with the locals first tho,,,,maybe you'll have better luck .... Roger
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I agree with the boys...

I had one rebuilt at a local shop for $220 only to have the rear bearing fry within 2hrs of use and destroy the amature. It was out of warranty because I was restoring the tractor and it had sat on the shelf for six months.

I picked up a used one off ebay for 60 after shipping charges (heavy sucker) and haven't had a problem with it.. about a year now.

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Bearings are often over looked in rebuilding starters it seems. Not much else to them. The brushes wear which can be replaced easily and the commutator/slipring wears and gets dirty but is easily cleaned if not worn too bad. Most problems seem to come from folks banging on them with hammers and knock the magnets loose but in some cases even they can be glued back on

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