Trouble Getting B&S Mower to Start


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Trouble Getting B&S Mower to Start

Hi Everyone,

I have a B&S 21" Push Mower (Model: 124T02) that I picked up last year. This year I was able to use it for April, May, and June, but about two weeks ago it decided it didn't want to start any more.

After sitting for a while I can prime it and it sounds like it's going to turn, running for 1 or 2 seconds, then cuts. After that it wont even try again until it sits for a bit.

My hunch has been bad gas (watered). I realized after some heavy rain this week that my gas cans weren't sealed correctly and I'm not sure how long it's been that way, so it's possible rain got in there before the last time I poured some into the mower. That said, I can't be certain either way - but I bought a new can to be safe.

I'm not mechanically inclined, so everything I tried so far is based on what I've read throughout these forums by people having similar problems on various models. I checked the oil and it's at level, I put new oil in at the start of the season. The oil isn't dark or mucky and it somewhat transparent. I've also replaced the spark plug with a new one from Sears. Finally, I found some instructions on how to empty the gas tank and did so back into the bad container of gas. When it was empty, I filled it 1/2 way with gas that I'm certain is good (well, as long as the pumps were good today). Tried again, still no luck.

I've read that gas could still be in the mower (fuel line or carb?) and also that sometimes water will sit in the carb, so it's possible it's still bad gas, I'm just not sure how to clear it all out if that's the problem.

Also, I tried to find where the air filter was to no avail since I know that's a problem on car engines. I don't have the manual and can't seem to find it searching Google, and it didn't seem obvious just looking at it where it would be hidden.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions any of the small engine experts have. Being that I'm a newbie to small engines (and mechanics in general), I'll try and go pay it forward in the Computers section.

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Yes. Water is heavier than gas and will still be in the fuel system below the gas tank. The carb needs to be drained. Just pull the plug on the bottom after clamping off the gas hose to prevent all the gas from draining out of the tank.

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