Tecumseh LEV 100 Runs , then Dies


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Tecumseh LEV 100 Runs , then Dies

It runs about 15 seconds, then dies. I have done the following:
- Thoroughly cleaned carb - even little holes in bowl Nut.
- Check for sheared flywheel key
- Put a new head gasket on
- Tried it with gas cap off

Could it be the solid state ignition module?
When I had the cylinder head off -- I noticed some rather deep scoring on cylinder wall. Like a ring broke or something. I am trying to fix it for someone else, so I don't know the history of it.

Thanks in advance,
Brian W.
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Check for water in the gas. Also, make sure the gas is fresh. Nowadays, gas starts going bad in 30 days.
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Thanks for the reply. But the same gas runs another mower that works.
Brian W.
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Did you get the tiny hole near the top by the threads, sometimes it is very hard to see. Something to try;
Clamp off the fuel line, remove the carb bowl, release the clamp to see if you have good fuel flow to the carb, raise the float to see that it shuts off the flow with minimal pressure, clean the junk from the bowl, clean the bowl nut, 2 holes close to the bottom and a tiny one about midway up(I usually use the wire from a twist tie), spray all holes, cracks and crevases with brake parts cleaner, reassemble and you should be good to go. If this didn't work it will be probably be necessary to rebuild the carb. If I missed something one of the real mechanics will post to help further. Refer to the photo below. Have a good one . Geo
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Coil\Solid State Ignition Problem ?

It still runs about 10 seconds, then stops. And will not start unless I let it sit fior a long time. Could it possibly the coil\Solid state ignition ?
It is a Tecumseh LEV 100 on a Lawn Boy 10330.
Any Help is greatly appreciated,
Brian W.
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Have you checked to see if you have spark when it will not start? If no spark then it could indeed be an ignition problem.

Try a squirt of gas in the carb also when it won't start.

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