Fuel in engine oil


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Fuel in engine oil

I have a 13 horse power Briggs & Statton which is getting gasoline in the engine oil. It will start, then flood out.

With the air filter removed you can see fuel puddled in the breather tube.

I removed and cleaned the carb, it had a substance like jelly in it, after reinstalling the carb, the same thing happened. It will start, then flood and stop.

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It sound like you need a new needle and seat. I assume the gas tank is higher than the carb.
With the jelly stuff in there, it sound like you are using low octane gas.
I had to stop using the cheep stuff, it kept on clogging up things with the jelly stuff. I switch to higher octane, and it seems to work better now.

Just a thought.
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I agree that you need to replace the needle & seat and make sure the float is set correctly.
Use 87 or higher octane gas and buy it from a name brand station like Shell, Exxon, Mobil, ect. And make sure the gas you are buying is no more than 10% ethonal(E-10).
Also use Marine Stabil in the gas as today's gas starts to go bad in 30 days.
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Thanks, this was my first encounter with jelly in fuel system. I read another post about problems with ethanol in fuel systems.

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