EB5000X gen starts fine but will not run


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EB5000X gen starts fine but will not run

Hi. My generator is 5 years old and is used for short durations several times a month. I use the auto throttle mode. This is first problem I've ever had with it.
It will start right up and idle for a minute or two, then break up (small amount of backfiring) and quit. It feels to me like it uses the fuel up in the bowl and runs out. If an electrical load is applied while the generator is idling, the engine will stall out. Here is what I have done so far:
1) I have checked the fuel flow out of the drainage port and checked the fuel filter screen.
2) I have checked / cleaned air filter and spark plug.
3) I have taken carburetor off and inspected and cleaned it ... paying particular attention to the black plastic gizmo under the idle adjust screw (as per other, related posts).
4) I have tested the carburetor solenoid by disconnecting it ... the engine behaves just the same (is this a clue?). How much voltage do I need to apply to test it?
Thanks for any help!
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Did you make sure the main jet is fully open (screws into the bowl retainer nut) ?

The fuel solenoid can be tested by applying 12 volts to it and see if the needle retracts.

Don't check the spark plug but replace it, Plugs can look good but still miss-fire/short.

Is the oil level to the top thread of the oil fill port ? Low oil level can kill the ignition soon as the engine fires up and starts splashing oil around inside.

Good Luck
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Thanks for your help. I did remove and clean the main jet. Tomorrow I will test the fuel solenoid. After making sure there was plenty of oil, I disconnected the low oil alert system (just to be sure) and the problem persisted.

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