Homelite Backpacker UT-08111-A Blower won't accept any throttle - just idles


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Homelite Backpacker UT-08111-A Blower won't accept any throttle - just idles

I have a Homelite blower that won't accept any throttle. The moment I press the trigger, it starts to die. It will only idle. However, if I press the trigger all the way (full throttle) AND close the choke for a second and then open it again, the unit will run fine at max power for a few seconds and then start dying. The price of a replacement carburetor is about $58 shipped and I don't even know if it is the carburetor. Could it be the spark plug? I tried running some fuel system cleaner through it (Bardhal's All-U-Need) and it doesn't seem to help. I used that because it fixed my Ryobi 825R. There are two adjustment screws (not the idle speed screw) on the carburetor and I tried randomly turning them, but I noticed nothing. So now those are all out of whack and I have no idea where they're supposed to be set at. Anyone know what they're for and how to set them? To see an exploded view, go here https://www.gardnerinc.com/recons/disclaimer-lg.php and yype in ut-08111-a or backpacker and select ut-08111-a from the list. I wonder if the fuel filter is clogged. Could that cause those symptoms? Maybe I should try Sea Foam. Also, from the link it looks like it has a Walbro WT419 or WT469 carburetor. Anyone familiar with how to adjust those? Thanks in advance for any help.

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I'd start by checking to be sure the cylinder bolts aren't loose, then move to the carb. It may need to be cleaned out.
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Cheese is right.. Lots of times the bolts sealing the engine come loose... When
you clean the carb, put a kit in it with the new diaghragms....The old ones don't seem to hold up to todays fuels... If it is a Walbro carb, go to the walbro website... They have an excellent manual online for servicing their carbs
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I just discovered that it will run with the choke partially closed

I was playing around with the blower today and discovered that if I have the choke just barely open, it will run perfectly.

Do you still think it's the carburetor bolts?

I emailed homelite about the carburetor adjustment screws and they told me that they couldn't give me instructions.

So since the blower works, I'm gonna leave it alone. Someday I'll rebuild the carburetor, but for now, I have more important things to do.

Thanks for all your help.

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