Tecumseh 2-stroke


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Tecumseh 2-stroke

Hi, gang!
On a small roto-tiller with a Tecumseh Tec 2 engine,which won't start. There was no spark, so I put in a new plug, still no spark.
What's next. This my first go at a 2-stroke engine, and I find them very interesting.
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Without the engine model number to use for reference, one of the two manuals below should tell you everything you need to know. Have a god one. Geo

http://www.cpdonline.com/692508.pdf http://www.cpdonline.com/694782.pdf
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Smile Son of Tecumseh 2-stroke

Hi, geogrubb-
Thanks for getting back.
A quick scrub-off revealed some numbers
It's a Tec 200, mod. 2122D, eng. 6095G - in between there's a letter (B).
B4 I have a go at the online stuff, is there a common problem with 2-strokes having no spark? the wires look good but in truth I haven't put my meter on them yet.
Thanks again-
Jim in Dartmouth MA
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Typically you can remove the kill wire/lead from the coil and test for spark, if still none then the coil bad. If you have spark with the lead disconnected then the switch is shorting or the wiring is. This is typical for a solid state coil.
Refer to the first manual geo posted a link to to make sure what type of ignition you have.

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Return of the Teccumseh TC200!

Thank you, BFH & geo!
I saw water in & around the pull-cord and assumed it's been outside and forgotten, somewhere. I rescued the wee beast from the town dump. I blew it out with a hair-dryer, put in a new Champ "E-z Start" plug and she lit off!
But this little cuss is loud!
I took the muffler off and other than that it's hollow, it is perfect; feels like aluminum.
Can I stuff it with something to tone down the racket, or am I being a total cheap-o and just go buy a new one.

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