Ryobi spitting gas


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Ryobi spitting gas

Need the real pros help on this thing. My wife came up with a little Ryobi tiller Model 410, 33cc - I believe, for me to do her tilling with. Bolens also has one similar.

It had a few problems - ignition module and flooding = carb kit. It also sprayed gas from the little hole in the top of the cap.
I changed the cap first = no difference. The in bound vent is a little collapsed nipple.

I'm assuming the hole in the cap must be a venting for the priming bulb, but not sure. I haven't seen this before on chainsaws or other two strokes.

The little tiller runs really well, except it sprays gas (which is better than spraying Roundup) on everything you're tilling.

Appreciate any help.
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Still sounds like a bad gas cap, or else something is pressurizing the fuel tank way more than normal.
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Thanks Cheese. The cap I changed it to was a new one, but it could have a problem as well.

It does act like there's pressure in the tank, but I would think the crankcase pulses would stop at the diaphragm.

I'll look for another cap and maybe find one without that type of venting in it. The size is just under 1 3/4.

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