Ryobi 280R Blower wont start


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Ryobi 280R Blower wont start

Hi All. After getting great advice previously on doityourself, unfortunately i m back for some more assistance.

I have a 280r blower that wont start. This blower was a "gift" from a neighbor, should have known better The neighbor couldnt remember how long it was sitting, but "it ran when i put it away". I know ryobi is on the bottom end of quality, but hey it was free

So far ive done the basics. Ive dipped and rebuilt the carb (walboro).

Changed all the fuel lines and primer. Old ones were rotted off.

Changed spark plug. I have spark outside and inside the engine through a inline spark tester.

Checked the muffler for a blocked screen > no screen that i could find so i just left the muffler off

Pulled flywheel and checked the keyway > all is well

But the engine wont start.

So I ran a compression check > 110 psi

Hooked up a leakdown gauge > 10-15%

I tried dumping gas in the cylinder > not even a kick.

Then i pulled off the cylinder to have a look
Looks pretty good. No major gouges but there was some scuffing. The factory crosshatch pattern was still visable.

However i had a stuck ring. So i removed the ring and cleaned the groove. Usually i would install a new ring and hone the cyl, but im not really interested in putting more into it. Im already close to $40 in parts. Blower isnt worth much more than that.

Rebuilt the motor and checked compression and leakdown.> same as before

I also dumped some gas in the exhaust port, when i pulled it over, i noticed bubbles??? around the piston as air leaked past the rings. Is this normal? Leakdown test was still in the bottom quarter of the green on the gauge

But the darn thing wont run... Any ideas before i throw this thing in the garbage (where it should have gone in the first place)
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When you had it apart, I would have honed the cylinder and replaced the rings.

You can try getting all the fuel out of the cylinder/crankcase but spinning it over with the plug out and full throttle, no choke. Take the fuel line off the carb when you do this.

When your arm gets tired, put about half a teaspoon of fuel/oil mix in the plug hole and try to start it with half throttle, no choke.

110lbs of compression should be enough to get a fire from the plug. The problem with a two stroke that has compression loss is where the compression goes = into the crankcase, which is getting the charge ready for the next intake/compression cycle. So it works against itself in a way a four stroke doesn't.

So it may have a problem running, but you should get a response from it.
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When you say you rebuilt the carb, Did you put the diaghragms & gaskets in it as well... & also remember to adjust the meetering lever as they will always give you grief if they are not adjusted'''''''''' Roger
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Sorry for the delay in my reply. Ive been really busy and the blower got put on the back burner.

Ive tried every way i can to start it. Adding gas. various combination of choke/throttle. No joy

Roger: I put all new diaphragms and gaskets in the carb.

How do you adjust the metering lever? Do you have a link to a page? I didnt adjust it. Is there a special tool or anything required?

Thanks for the advise. Ill try a few more things when i get a chance to get the blower back out. But im thinking it may be time to cut my losses on this ryobi.
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Everything you need to know about your Walbro carburetor can be found at the link below. Be sure to download the manual "Diaphragm Carburetors".

Service Manuals

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