Craftsman Lawn Tractor won't move...


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Craftsman Lawn Tractor won't move...

I have a 42" Hydrostatic drive tractor that worked great until the starter went out while my son was mowing. He then disengaged the transmission to push it up a long hill back to our house. Now, I've replaced the starter, but I can't get it to re-engage the transmission. There is a lever/nob in the back of the tractor that is supposed to do that (I think), but no matter what I do, there is no change. Please help. Thanks.
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Without a unit model number posted I can only guess;

Some of these units have the rod on the back that you pull out then hook it to the bottom of the hole, This style disengagement has a spring hooked to the end of this rod that hooks to the lever on top of the transaxle.

Grass/sand sits on top of the transaxle and causes this lever to stick, The rod/spring will pull it to disengage position but when pushed in the rod/spring can flex downward instead of re-engaging the stuck/tight lever on the transaxle.

Reach up under the unit and see if you can push this lever with your hand to re-engage.

Good Luck
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As 31YTech says,, without a model # anything is a guess,,, so here goes some more...Check the belt to make sure it's on all the pulleys & routed correctly.. Check the keys in the rear axle hubs to make sure they're still there on BOTH sides.. other than that,, if you post some #'s the pros will help you out in no time!!! Roger

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