Honda Lawn Tractor 3813 starting problems


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Honda Lawn Tractor 3813 starting problems

at times it will start on the first try. other times it will spin and spin and not fire. I have new battery, plugs and fuel filter. Any ideas what I should check first?
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first thing everyone will tell you is check spark

at the plug - pull a spark plug, reconnect the plug wire to the plug, lay the threaded portion of the plug across some metal on the engine or hold it against the side of the cyl head, and turn the key to start, if you have a blue spark jumping across the gap on the plug, your coil is probably good.

i've got a 3813 and love it but there's some basic stuff that can screw up - mine wouldn't start, even in the choke position but would start with starting ether - when i finally got to taking a look at it, i found the throttle cable had slipped, and wasn't closing the choke - have you checked that? (the choke arm is the vertical arm next to the vertical metal arm that operates the throttle - when you're pushing lever forward you'll see the throttle arm moving back toward the rear, and at the end of it's travel you'll see it hit a bent out stop on the choke arm and when it hits that "stop", that second or choke arm will then move backward some (about 1/2").

there are also a couple of relays in that electrical cluster to the right of the battery (behind the radiator expansion bottle) - one of those controls the ignition coil, so if you don't have blue spark, that relay could have gone south if you have blue spark, and the choke is closing when you put the throttle lever all the way forward.

there could be a fuel delivery problem. In the order i'd check are a) clogged fuel tank cap, b) clogged fuel filter (but you've replaced that) and c) trash in the carb

btw, don't run that starter motor for more than 5 - 8 seconds straight without letting it cool down in between attempts - they aren't meant to run for too terrible long - you'll burn up the brushes pretty fast unneccessarily just some suggestions
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I believe these have an electric fuel pump @ the back of the mower... If the fuel is low in the carb float bowl (as in cranking it with the choke closed) you should hear several "clicks" from the rear of the unit... If not check the fuses... Maybe even pull the fuel line off the carb & with the key "on" check for a flow... Hope this helps.... Roger
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